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Full Wolf Moon In Leo

Yesterday I felt the heat, I felt the pressure.

Did you feel it?

Overwhelming emotions and anxieties rising to the surface to be cleared from the collective energy field.

I'll tell you something, I have been playing small for a long time now.

When I was little I did the things I loved with no qualms about it.

When I went to college for musical Theatre it sort of sucked the joy out of it for me.

Then I met my ex husband and had children and couldn't continue to focus on my career.

Being married to this man destroyed me. I went from being a light and fun and funny vibrant and vivacious woman to someone I did not recognize.

It's taken me 3 years of work and healing to get back to a self I recognize as being me.

Granted, I am not who I was years ago and for that I am grateful.

It took the brokenness and becoming unrecognizable to make me realize how important it is for me to live my purpose.

My purpose to be a light, to inspire and encourage others through their dark times.

If I can help people feel seen, heard and less alone, I will put aside all else that stands in the way of that.

I've heard numerous mentors state that they had to put the work above how fearful they may feel about sharing the work and what will come of it.

For a long time for me it was, "What if no one cares?"

The reality is, at first, perhaps, no one will, and for me, I had to decide to care more than anyone.

I had to decide to make my work and my mission on the planet matter.

I never thought it was enough to do something just because I felt good about doing it.

Why not though?

Doing the things that light you up, so long as it isn't hurting yourself or someone else, will improve everything about your life and in turn the lives of those you encounter.

Society has conditioned us to believe we must be slaves to our work and productivity.

The truth is, when we do not prioritize our health, we can't DO anything.

The systems in place have created people who are, fat, sick, broke and exhausted.

This Full Moon brought us to our knees as we begged for mercy from the heavens to bring us to all the people, places and things we've been imagining for our lives for a long time.

I felt a sense of urgency wash over me.

It was this wave of, GO, DO the things you say you want to do.

There is no magic wand that will hand you all the things you envision for your life.

It is truly a process daily gratitude and surrendering and taking the actions your intuition is asking you to take, especially when there is fear.

I have worked a lot with Fear over that past few years.

Fear is a fallacy.

An old emotional response to the thought that we may be exiled from the tribe.

These days, if one tribe isn't for you another will be.

My daily mission is to be more self controlled, more respectful, more self loving, more patient, more authentic.

Through this and through taking care of my business on a daily basis, I believe, I will meet all the people I need to meet, I will take all the actions I need to take that will lead me to my highest timeline.

My highest timeline is where my children are thriving in all ways, money flows freely and abundantly, I am performing my music for millions, running retreat centers around the world that provide affordable spa services for women in transition and this is encouraging and inspiring others to design the life of their dreams.

All doubt must be removed.

All control surrendered.

Continued alignment and positive daily habits rooted, creating the character of the person who would do the things I say I want to do.

Sending you so much love today as you go through your day.

If you fell back recently, ITS OK! Get back up and start again.

Let Go of beating yourself up.

Give yourself Grace or ask GOD to give you grace.

What saves me daily?

God & my prayer life, Journalling & scripting, Walking, Stretching, Hot/Cold baths and showers, being intentional with who and what I surround myself with.

How will you step into your purpose today? Lmk in the comments. Love you.

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