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Libra Loves Inspire Breathing Meditation

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Good Morning, Good Morning My loves,

Hi Ladies,

This is number one Vlog Post for Libra Loves Inspire. I am driving to work right now in Santa Monica, that time-lapse that you just saw is something to inspire you this morning as the beach and nature always inspires me. I am so happy today. I am thinking of all the things I want to manifest in this world. So I just want to call everybody who is watching this do to the same for yourself this morning. Let's just get to center. Let's take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Sometimes the stresses of our life and the day to day can really get to us. So we have to remember to breathe cause it's something that we do naturally and so sometimes we forget to tune into that breathing. So I just call everyone right now who is watching this to tune into your breathing. (Breathe In) (Breathe Out) Breathe in all your dreams hopes desires, wishes, your well wishes, your positivity, breathe out any anxieties, negativity, negative self talk, anything you feel like may be holding you back today. So we breathe in white light energy, positivity, everything that we want to create our hopes and we think about our dreams and we focus on that. Breathe out on every exhale negativity and anything that might be holding us back. We come from our heart center in peace and gratitude and clarity and we call forth our higher self and use our intuition today to guide us and make every decision that we are making a decision made for a higher purpose. I love you.


Do You Believe in a higher Power?




Are you ready to expand your consciousness?




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