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Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Hi, Welcome to Elle, “I’m Ready to talk”

So to come to a place of Ultimate Gratitude we have to drop our judgments. Cause I am a critical person. I’m speaking from my experience, I’m analytical and I’m critical. So I notice within myself that, when I am judging other people, I’m putting that lens on it. I’m looking at something and I say well, “That’s wrong,” “They Shouldn’t be doing that.” Anytime there is a “should” or a “wrong” we have to acknowledge that and analyze that and come to that point where we are recognizing it’s a judgment. I am a human right so Ultimate Judgment comes from above. So we can let go of our judgments. Then that gives us the freedom to release our judgments. We hold onto our judgment because we think it makes us who we are but really it’s our “Not self.” We have our “self” our “not self” and our “higher guide.” It makes sense logically. This is a spiritual approach for the logical person. What science has found up to this point, does not negate the existence of a higher force in this universe. It actually proves it. All I would tell anybody is just look outside in the sky at night time. Tell me when you look out there and you see how many galaxies and stars. This is discovered by our scientists. We’re one planet in an unfathomably large space. That right there is enough. That understanding is enough. To hold on to that and be recognizing that every single day and coming from our gratitude every single day. This is what we are right now, right here this conversation. Now that I just said that I get all shy and embarrassed about women. This is the reason why I turned this camera on about women. We think about the judgments of other women. That’s where my fear lies. Then it gets even better. Once we drop our judgments we no longer hold on to a fear of being judged by others.

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