Have you ever felt like you wanted to disappear?

You felt so GUILTY of something you'd done or so ASHAMED of something that had been done to you, you just didn't want to live anymore?

I know I have, and at this point I know I'm not the only one.

FEAR, GUILT & SHAME - Are three things that will keep you from CHANGE.

I've spoken with multiple people just within this last week who felt so low they just wanted to die.

Luckily they were saying it out loud, because if you're really suicidal you most likely will just do it and not talk about it.

How do we get here?

How do we pull ourselves out?

I think the biggest thing about this feeling is to firstly know and understand that, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The biggest LIE when it comes to this feeling is that, "I'm the only one."

When you hear your mind tell you that,"No one knows how you feel." That is completely incorrect and a blatant lie.

I know it feels true though, it really does when you're in the thick of it.

Sometimes in life we experience people we love treating us in a way that ends up making us feel hopeless and worthless.

We need to remember, FEELINGS AREN'T FACTS.

FEELING "LIKE A LOSER" doesn't mean you ARE that.

A huge mistake we make when facing our emotions is identifying ourselves with them.

Just because we get angry over something in a moment, maybe say something mean to someone, it doesn't make us "An Asshole" -

But so often when other people behave some way towards us we do not like we are so quick to demonize and judge them and deem them "evil"

If this is the way we look at other people when they feel and behave from a place of fear, imagine the kinds of things you're saying to yourself when you're upset.

You may not even realize that subconsciously you are telling YOURSELF that you're EVIL, just because you're angry and maybe you lashed out at a friend.

We need to be COMPASSIONATE to ourselves when we're struggling.

I used to beat myself up so hard, when I was upset.

I'd hear myself say things like " Suck it up." or one of the worst phrases, "You shouldn't be feeling so bad about this."

It's difficult enough to go through difficult things but if you find yourself alone and hating yourself for it, it makes it worse.

We need to be our own allies through our struggle. We need to show up for ourselves with compassion and forgiveness and humility. When we do this we find our way back to gratitude.

because GRATITUDE is the baseline of happiness and success.

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